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The Epistle of Barnabas

Chapter I.—The writer declares that he would communicate to his brethren something of that which he had himself received.
Chapter II.—The Jewish sacrifices are now abolished.
Chapter III.—The fasts of the Jews are not true fasts, nor acceptable to God.
Chapter IV.—Antichrist is at hand: let us therefore avoid Jewish errors.
Chapter V.—The new covenant, founded on the sufferings of Christ, tends to our salvation, but to the Jews’ destruction.
Chapter VI.—The sufferings of Christ, and the new covenant, were announced by the prophets.
Chapter VII.—Fasting, and the goat sent away, were types of Christ.
Chapter VIII.—The red heifer a type of Christ.
Chapter IX.—The spiritual meaning of circumcision.
Chapter X.—Spiritual significance of the precepts of Moses respecting different kinds of food.
Chapter XI.—Baptism and the cross prefigured in the Old Testament.
Chapter XII.—The cross of Christ frequently announced in the Old Testament.
Chapter XIII.—Christians, and not Jews, the heirs of the covenant.
Chapter XIV.—The Lord hath given us the testament which Moses received and broke.
Chapter XV.—The false and the true Sabbath.
Chapter XVI.—The spiritual temple of God.
Chapter XVII.—Conclusion of the first part of the epistle.
Chapter XVIII.—Second part of the epistle. The two ways.
Chapter XIX.—The way of light.
Chapter XX.—The way of darkness.
Chapter XXI.—Conclusion.